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Increased Efficiency

Cloud telephony from AvecTelecom enables far greater business efficiencies. Our flexible terms enable you to increase the number of users on a monthly basis and to add and remove functional capability as your business needs change. We give you the tools to make your business work for you, it allows you to grow without limitation.

Monthly Pay As You Use Service

With this approach to business telephony the need for upfront purchase of equipment is removed and a solution can be procured on a pay-as-you-use subscription model. Here you pay for the number of users the business requires each month and only for the capabilities that are required by each user. You have the ultimate flexibility […]

Reduced Cost

Setting up a business telephony system doesn’t have to to be expensive, at AvecTelecom we’ve made it simple. No expensive systems, just phones and connectivity required. With minimal capital expenditure required, migrating to AvecTelecom is easy, you select the functionality required for your business and only pay for what you use.

Call Recording

Use our Call Recording for inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service or audit purposes. This optional feature allows secure online access to file storage and retrieval of call details. You can set your system to record some calls, all calls or record calls on demand.

Increasing Reporting Capability

We provide a broad range of call handling features that are accessed via our portal. The dashboard gives you convenient access to information such as your call history, voicemail and recorded calls. Personalised settings are quick and easy to set, ensuring your calls are handled effectively.  With our cloud-based telephony, you are in full control of […]

Better Call Handling

With AvecTelecom, users have the capability to use our advanced features to benefit your business. We provide you withAbility to define geographic and non-geographic numbers and to define individual user DDIs. Manage call filtering including blocking specific prefixes and personal allow and deny lists. Automated call forwarding when required to extensions, external numbers and mobiles. […]